The VedantaVahini is a portal dedicated to translations into English of the works of Sri Shankaracharya and His shishya parampara. The first offering has the prasthanatraya bhashyas in Sanskrit in romanised transliteration scheme and translations of three prakarana texts - Shatashloki, Sarva-vedanta-siddhanta-saara-sangraha and Shrutisaarasamuddharanam; other translations are under way and will be updated. The content of the original works in Sanskrit will be from advaitasharada.sringeri.net.

The portal has the following features:

  • 1. Each Bhashya corpus is displayed along with its internal structure – sutras, adhikaranas, adhyayas, shlokas, khandas, etc., which appears in the side bar on the left; moving the mouse near to the right edge of the screen will bring sidebar out. This can be used to navigate to a particular portion of the corpus as per the structure. Brahmasutra bhashya has three different structures, namely, sutra, adhikarana and adhyaya-pada, any one of which can be chosen.
  • 2. The bhashya text of a particular sutra / shloka / mantra is folded by default and clicking on the भाष्यम् button will unfold it for view.
  • 3. The उल्लेखाः button on the top right of the screen will open the list of quotes from other bhashyas in the corpus which are in the particular bhashya under view. Clicking on it will navigate to the place in the text where that quote appears.
  • 4. Quotes, उल्लेखाः, which appear in a bhashya, on clicking, will navigate to that bhashya from where the quote originates.